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About Us

Hapa Kitchen and Eatery brings the fresh Aloha! lifestyle to the South Florida culinary landscape. The fast-casual Hawaii home-style comfort food concept introduces authentic flavors that can be found in the islands. Presented by the Sullivan Hospitality Group, the founder is a lifelong Kailua, Hawaii resident with more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry.


Hapa Kitchen and Eatery leads the way with a new fare launching in Miami, introducing Hawaii-style comfort food and recipes. Hawaii food merges worldly flavors and cuisines like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Spanish, Portuguese, American, and more. Hapa features familiar options to the Magic City’s rich culinary landscape. For starters,  guests will recognize the familiar “build your own” options for plates and bowls, where they can pick and choose between proteins and an array of sides. Additionally, Hapa is also offering something more commonly found in Hawaii, known as “Poke by the pound.”  In Hawaii, groups of friends and family buy a heap of Poke and head straight to the beach, with beverages. Yes, Hapa is introducing this generous portion option, just like it's done “back home in Hawaii.” Guests can choose from six different varieties of Poke, other protein options include Kalua Pig, a traditional Hawaii-style roast pork, Garlic Furikake Chicken, fried chicken dipped in a soy-garlic-furikake flavor bomb, and Kalbi Ribs, Korean-style short ribs. Other additions include white rice, brown rice, Spam fried rice, and quinoa to round out a fresh, light, and flavorful meal.


For a full immersion into Hawaii comfort food, a must-try is the Loco Moco, the island's very own hangover cure, served on a bed of rice topped with a ground beef patty, smothered in gravy and a sunny side up egg.  Guests can also try their Da Kine Extras, featuring Pineapple Mango Gazpacho, perfect for those hot Miami days, and Spam Musubi, another childhood favorite found in kid’s lunch boxes across Hawaii. 


Altogether, these recipes introduce full flavors that have nourished the Hawaiian islands and now South Florida. Hapa Kitchen and Eatery had a pop-up at the Timeout Market Miami on Miami Beach with other events popping up in the city. STAY TUNED

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